Hospice and Palliative Care

Hospice Care

Our hospice care program offers end-of-life support to residents and their loved ones. We work with several hospice agencies, providing around-the-clock care in a comfortable and peaceful environment. Our staff will carry out the highest quality of care possible, while maintaining residents’ dignity and respect for family members. Numerous family members who have followed a loved one through their hospice journey at Harbor Haven have expressed deep appreciation for the hospice services provided at our facility.

Palliative Care

In conjunction with acute palliative care providers, we strive to optimize quality of life for those residents in need of symptom management due to serious or complex medical conditions. We base our care on the residents’ needs, not their prognoses, ensuring they are kept comfortable. Palliative care is designed not only to meet our residents’ medical needs, but also their psychological, emotional, and spiritual needs.